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Because every second counts!


9 out of 10 people die from a Sudden Cardiac Arrest out of a hospital setting, a defibrillator can change these numbers.   Our passion is saving lives and our expertise are Defibrillators, for over 8 years we have been providing outstanding service to communities to make sure that you have the best lifesaving equipment close at hand.  Our defibrillators are reliable, robust with the latest technology, backed by the best technical team in the world which offers you peace of mind.

Ambulance response times are at an all-time high, between 10 – 20 minutes, the more defibrillators that are close by increases your chances of survival before an ambulance arrives.  Early defibrillation is the single most effective treatment for SCA, defibrillation within three minutes of collapse can increase the chance of survival by over 70%.  With having access to a defibrillator in your street or neighbourhood puts you in a fortunate position to help save someone’s life, someone you know and love.

Defibrillators Australia are the number one expert when it comes to defibrillators, our proven track record shows that you can rely on us to support you, no question is too small or trivial, we want to help you understand why and how to use the devices with video links and supportive materials.

Our team are looking forward to meeting you and supporting you within your community program.  Choosing the right defibrillator for your community can be confusing and overwhelming, the team at Defibrillators Australia make this process a simple and easy process.  Call us on 1300 33 11 93 today.

Defibrillators Australia is proud to provide the following AED options for Heart of the Nation Communities packages:
Click on a package image to find out more about the inclusions.

360P wall cab.png
360P floor cab.png
500P wall cab.png
500P floor cab.png
CR2 wall cab.png
LifePak CR2 Floor Cab.png
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