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Getting Started on the Heart of the Nation Communities Journey

Congratulations on your decision to investigate becoming a Heart of the Nation Community!  This is the first step to helping save lives from sudden cardiac arrest where up to 80% of them occur - in residential areas.

What do I need to do now?

In order to become a Heart of the Nation Community, you will need to:

1. Appoint a Community Ambassador (this could be you!);

2. Find an AED Host to house the AED on their property somewhere that is accessible by those who are funding the purchase - again, this could be you!;

3. Determine what AED and cabinet you want in your package - the base package for $2990 includes a HeartSine 360P Automatic AED and a yellow wall mounted cabinet.  There are other models available from a variety of suppliers who we will purchase the AED from on your behalf when you hit the fundraising target.

4. If you decide to go with the base package ($2990), then we will ask you to select which SUPPLIER you wish to make the purchase from on your behalf.

5. Once the package has been selected, that will determine your fundraising target.

6. We will set up your fundraising page for your community to donate their funds to - these are tax-deductible!

7. We will send you flyers to drop into the letterboxes of up to 50 neighbours in your area to promote the fundraising program to.

8. We will send you social media marketing tiles to help you promote the program on any social media networks that you use to communicate with neighbours or the community.

9. Once your fundraising target it hit, we will send you the package (within 2-3 months depending on supply demands), and then provide access to the online education for the community.

10.  We will be here to assist with questions as best we can along the way.

11. We will also communicate with you regarding regular maintenance of the AED, and we will send you a new set of pads and battery to replace upon the expiry date.

Ready to get started?  Click below to start building your Heart of the Nation Communities Package.

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