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Heart of the Nation App

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The Heart of the Nation app connects you to your community AED as well as your neighbours - turning every neighbour into a potential life saver, via the ability to send alerts from the app (whilst calling 000 at the same time), meaning that your community AED can be on its way to you while you're doing CPR - saving precious time!
  • Shows location of AEDs across Australia that are registered to the Heart of the Nation network - currently more than 2500 AEDs.
  • Connects to the tracking device in your Communities AED, showing it on the app so you know where it is - and so do other Responders who may be in your area and need to access it to answer your call for help.
  • One button to call for help from emergency services and from your nearby Responders.
  • Coming soon - integration with third party smart watch app for cardiac monitoring for a small subscription fee per month - so when heart rhythm is not detected, an alert will be sent to nearby Responders to check on you! Turning unwitnessed cardiac arrests into "pseudo 
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