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Defibtech Lifeline Fully Automatic AED

The Lifeline AUTO AED defibrillator includes an array of features mission critical to providing the most cutting edge treatment for Sudden Cardiac Arrest. The Lifeline AED’s simple 1 button user interface, clear, calm voice prompts, highly visible progress lights and actively illuminated status indicator, all contribute to making The Lifeline one of the most user friendly defibrillators available. The Lifeline AED has a roomy handle and rubberized surfaces for durability.
  • The award-winning Lifeline Fully Automatic Defibtech AED, is even more simple to use with only 1 button and a 5 year battery. It also comes standard with an 8 year Warranty.

  • Simple and Intuitive

  • Clear Voice Prompts

  • Long Life Battery

  • Designed for the Real-World

  • Active Status Indicator

  • Highly Visible

  • Award-Winning Ergonomic Design

  • Training Companion

  • Ruggedness and Durability

  • Easy to Upgrade

  • Record and Transfer Data

  • Safe and Effective Life Saving Technology

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