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Congratulations, your package so far includes a wall mounted cabinet! 
Your package price so far is $2,990!

wall cabinet only.png

Step 2 - Choose Your AED

The base package for our Heart of the Nation Communities program includes a HeartSine 360P Automatic AED.  There are a range of models of AEDs on the market, made by a variety of manufacturers.  They all essentially "do" the same thing - that is, determine if a patient needs to be shocked, and helps you to deliver the shock - either automatically, or by you pushing a button.  They will all coach you through the process of doing CPR, but some models will provide feedback as to how well you are doing CPR.

As part of the Heart of the Nation Communities program, we are making other models of AEDs available for you to replace the HeartSine 360P in the package - but your choice of AED may increase the price of your package.  Your choice of AED may also affect who is able to supply the AED for your package - so, if there is a particular SUPPLIER you would like to support with the purchase of your AED, then you can find out which other AED options they provide here.  The AEDs offered by our SUPPLIERS are all listed below, together with the additional price to have that AED included in the packages offered.  We have also provided a comparison table that sets out the features of the various models of the AEDs to help you make a your selection. 

Clicking on a picture of an AED will take you to a page with more information about that particular make and model. From that page, you can then complete your package!


HeartSine 360P (fully automatic) - included in base package price of $2990.


HeartSine 350P (semi-automatic) - same price as the 360P - no upgrade fee payable.


LifePak CR Essential (Semi-Automatic) - an additional $770 on top of base package prices.


HeartSine 500P - an additional $340 on top of base package prices.


ZOLL AED PLUS - an additional $750 on top of base package prices.


LifePak CR Essential (Fully Automatic) - an additional $770 on top of base package prices.


Defibtech Lifeline View


ZOLL AED 3 - an additional $1885 on top of base package prices.

HeartSine 360P
HeartSine 500P - additional $340
ZOLL AED Plus - Additional $750
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