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Building Your Heart of the Nation Communities Package

Step 1 - Choose Your Cabinet

The base package $2990 for our Heart of the Nation Communities program includes a HeartSine 360P Automatic AED, as well as a wall mounted outdoor cabinet.

If you would like to keep the HeartSine AED in the package, but upgrade to a floor standing cabinet, the additional cost will be $500 on TOP of the base package price, making your total package price $3,4990. 

The only difference between the cabinets is that the floor standing cabinet has the tower-base which the "wall mounted" cabinet is attached to, and it bolts to the floor through holes in the square base.  The wall mounted cabinet is the top part of the floor standing cabinet, and is mounted to a wall through 4 holes in the rear of the cabinet.  Each cabinet comes with a piezo siren that alerts you when the door is opened.

Click on the image below to select the cabinet you would like to include in your package.

wall cabinet only.png
Cabinets side by side.png
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