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Deciding Where Your AED Should Be Located

Deciding where to locate your AED will help determine a few other aspects that will allow you to implement the program more effectively.  Read on below for some tips on determining where to place your AED, or move on to select the type of cabinet you want!


Who is helping to fund the purchase?

This question may help you determine the best location for the AED.  If the AED package is being funded by a  group of residents who all wish to have access to the AED, then the AED in its cabinet, should be located in a place that is:

a) Central to all of those who have funded the package;

b) Easily accessible at any time of the day or night by any of these people.

Front porch, front fence, nature strip...?

Part of the dilemma of a community access AED program such as this is, "where will the AED be housed"?  You know you need it, but who is going to house it on their property?


In some communities, this is simply solved by the person who is leading the charge for the AED already knowing that they are prepared to house the AED, and they then approach the 30-40 homes around them to chip in for the cost of it.


In other communities, it may be the case that there is already an established "community network" of neighbours that includes some, but not others - or it includes neighbours from another street.  This makes it more difficult to work out where to locate the AED in relation to those who you have a good relationship with, and feel confident to approach regarding the fundraising (and housing of the AED) aspects of the program.


In one community that we have helped, the Community Ambassador was a person who lived at the end of the street - on the outside perimeter of the accessible radius.  Together, we worked with the community to find a resident who was prepared to house the AED on the side wall of their home.


By and large, this question will be answered by:

1) Who is prepared to house the AED on their premises;

2) Do they live in the approximate centre of the cluster of homes that are contributing to the purchase of the AED package?

3) Can it be located in a place that is sheltered from the sun for most of the day (eg. on the southern side of the house, under a porch, on a fence in the shade?


In some communities, people feel that they want ANYONE to be able to access the AED - not just the people who have chipped in to pay for it.  Some of these communities have placed their AED cabinet on public land (with Council consent) and made it easily visible and accessible to anyone passing by.

Do you need Council permission to place the AED where you want to put it?

If the AED is to be located on private property, then no Council permission should be required. 

If however, your community group determines that the best location for the device is somewhere that is accessible to the general community for altruistic or logistical reasons, then Council permission may be required.  Heart of the Nation is attempting to work with Councils to gain an overarching agreement that would allow residents to install a floor standing or wall mounted AED cabinet on Council property.  Presently, we have not obtained this agreement, so permission would need to be sought on a case-by-case basis by our Community Ambassadors.

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